Here you'll find links to our product pages. You can download our catalogues or you can check our exclusive homemade forms. We also offer mounted animals and tanned hides and skins for sale. Please use our online order form for ordering the products.



Taxidermy Supplies - Catalogues :

This is our taxidermy supplies catalogue 2018. We offer Forms, jawsets, tongues, shields, needles, airbrush and much, much more. Also you'll find a link to KL glass-eyes.

Roe deer forms

Roe deer forms :

In 2010 we launched our own Roe deer form series. Click on the image for an overview.

Mounted animals for sale

Mounted animals - Tanned hides :

We offer mounted animals and other taxidermy products for sale.

Product order form

Taxidermy Product order form :

Please use our online taxidermy order form for ordering your taxidermy supplies, mounted animals, roedeer forms etc.