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Mounted Animals

Jac. P.Thijsse, founding father of nature conservation in the Netherlands, once wrote: “Even now, after so many years, I cannot take a single step outside without being surprised and fascinated again by new examples of beauty…Each plant, each animal can tell us many things that have never been told”.

Thijsse was fascinated by living nature. So was Leo Bouten, who founded our company in 1918. Fascinated in such a way that he started taxidermy as a hobby. What started as a hobby has grown into a flourishing, professional company. Our company, Bouten & Son, has been a household word for many years, both in the Netherlands and far abroad. For good reason prominent museums like the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin and Naturalis in Leiden have chosen our company for restoring and mounting their animals. Whether it is a giraffe, a grizzly bear, a red deer, a wolf or a “common”roebuck, for us each animal is special. Our standards are extremely high. An objective proof of our expertise: We have won a large number of appealing international awards. We guarantee quality. That is the reason why more and more private persons manage to find us: Hunters who, after an exciting hunting trip, want to show their trophies to their guests; animal lovers who want to “immortalize” their beloved pet animal; yes, even renowned artists.

By the way, taxidermy is not the only thing we do. We also provide fellow taxidermists with moulds, eyes, tanning extracts and other “materials”. And would you like to hire mounted animals? For things like this you can call on us, too.

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